Wednesday, 12 August 2015

TNS records, have done it again!

TNS RECORDS have just released the Chewed Up/Casual Nausea split on PINK vinyl non the less! 

To get your hands on 1 or 2 (we know what you collectors are like) of these go to to pre order now!!! 

Or for a limited time, go and enter their competition on facebook or instagram to win a test press! Here,

Monday, 10 August 2015

IRRATIONAL ACT. "2 weeks notice" EP review.

When I first heard Irrational Act a few years back, I was instantly a huge fan. With their catchy one liners in a fast and steady flow to down right needed to be said messages. It was refreshing to see genuine people playing a genuine music that they whole heartedly believe in. Often they would take a super positive outlook on the whole scene and try to think out the box on ways to improve their music and shows. You would tell that these people here love what they are doing regardless of fans or elitist bullshit attitudes.

Now you know how biased I am about this band, let's review their new and supposed last EP "2 Weeks Notice" (Which didn't seem very irrational to me) .

When I first heard their new EP, I instantly recognised that this is Irrational Act! My exact thought was "Pwarhhh THAT IS Irrational Act!" The opening of the EP has everything that I think IA has to offer. Bar a bass solo.....or 2.
The song "Doesn't Really Matter" hits hard and fast in to the beginning pace of the EP. With a fantastic anthem of not being a dick. Classic IA and for me their best song on the EP.

With tonnes of NOFX, Descendants and 90s youth crew vox that I really love, Jez really has his own style of singing. Like he's taken the classic hardcore singing voice and thrown it out of the window!

Moving on through the release we arrive at a great 46 second song named "Elitist Bullshit Attitude". A cut the crap, no frills, short fast song, bring in home for the second time on this EP the message of don't be a dick.

So far, the EP has a much faster momentum than their previous releases and with perfect backing vocals to ease us smoothly through each song.

I feel that through out the EP they show us a fair few styles of hardcore but always keeping it in the IA style that they seem to have got down to a fine art now.

In between there don't be a dick messages we have a few light hearted "fuck it, we are serious but poo jokes are funny too" songs. Such as "Bus Song" and "The Shits". To give a small bit of criticism I don't feel that the "Bus Song" has a place on this EP, not really fitting in with the recording or flow of the EP. But I do know from seeing them live that it totally works as a song but for me, not so much here.

To finish up, I think this is a solid EP and maybe my favourite of their 3. Songs like Doesn't Really Matter, Elitist Bullshit Attitude, Eye to Eye and Community are just fantastic songs with excellent lyrics straight from their hearts. Its really great to see that IA have progressed so much but are able to still be the band that they first formed and keep in the same direction they wanted to move in from the beginning. This is a genuine EP and band for genuine people.

"We're all friends in our community, no gods, no masters, feel alive, how it fucking should be DIY!"

Find all of there recorded work here for free!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Irrational act! Gone but not forgotten.

Irrational Act doing some more with a little help from us here. They have just released their final  piece of work "2 weeks notice", due to the final act of breaking up of the  band (more on that later with a review and interview ). We are needless to say absolutely gutted to say goodbye to these lot but at least they managed to hold it together long enough to record, what I assume is, every thing they wrote. Well done IA. You will be missed x

Go and find all there Eps here for free! If any style of hardcore is your thing then don't miss out! 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A few reviews for the chewed up casual nausea split.


2. CHEWED UP/CASUAL NAUSEA - Self released Split CD EP

Now this is a bit special. Already know Casual Nausea stuff fairly well, but Chewed Up are new to me. It almost goes without saying that this is a match made in heaven, (If you like fast,loud,thrashy punk). It is a fantastic EP and I am pretty blown away by both bands. CHEWED UP are on right now and I am really craving to see them live, cos they sound so good in the studio. CASUAL NAUSEA follow up the second half of the EP and it is just as strong, just as engaging as the first half. As well as the music being totally kick-ass, the cover and insert are really well designed too, with lyrics and lots of info. Quality all round, two fine examples of what proper contemporary punk sounds like.

Many thanks to Neil Duncan & Issue Punk Zine.

Slack and back?

Although you may think from our web page that we have not been busy at all, you would only be half right!

Chewed up and Casual nausea have finished there split! (Old news) and have toured the UK and Germany with it! Which was fantastic thank you to all involved.

The album has had a fantastic response from a hell of a lot of people, I will include some reviews later.  "Sounds like that witch from leftover crack!"

Although Miarnap's team are mostly away traveling at the moment we are still planning more releases and new projects. We are just slack on the internet. Sorry.

Find there split here!

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Massive thanks to Terry foster for this very kind review! We
hope chewed up can smash out a gig in Liverpool soon!

Chewed up are an anti-fascist ska core band from Sheffield and in my opinion a band to check out and catch live. They have been described as sheffields answer to choking victim and that isn’t a bad place to start describing them. Musically you get a solid mix of ska with a more hardcore punk feel which is combined with the twin vocals of Lee and Miff and very political lyrics.

Chewed up
The ep starts with a very dub style intro before going straight into the fast punk overlayed with Miffs shouting.
Twisted morality
Right after Chewed up this song starts, and sets the pace of the EP, besides the sick mix of ska and punk you also get to hear the unique twin vocals of Miff and Lee that is definitely one of the stand out features of this band
Think for yourself
One of my favorite songs Ive heard this year, this is a good song to really see what chewed up are about. From the twin vocals, the guitar lines, and Leah’s drumming you can see why this band is one to watch. Lyrically the song is about thinking for yourself as title suggests and not letting others force their view on you
No permission
Next up is No Permission, nice simple guitar solo at start with the subtle blend of punk and ska. This is one of the most chilled songs on the EP both in terms of music and vocals. This one is about the cops and the way they are treating people
Fast punk song! Not really much else to say on this one, short and sweet with the dual screaming vocals that makes this band so sick
No sympathy
A proper good mix of simple punk riffs mixed with some ska that just makes you wanna dance. Lyrically this is exactly the type of songs that shows what Chewed up are about, all about how fascists and Nazis are not welcome on our streets and what we do to stop their hate being spread, also contains a nice nod to ZSK. ALERTA, ALERTA, ANTIFACISTA
True ‘Til boycott
Mellow intro, cool guitar line, sing along chorus...could you ask for a better final song to a sick EP??

For fans of: Choking Victim, Morning Glory, Antimaniax and Capdown


Fans of MIARNAP's very own Skacore band Chewed up have finished their recording sessions!
Louder, faster, and much much more dirty recordings are coming your way very soon. We are pleased to announce that these recordings will be released as a split with CASUAL NAUSEA!
Check their extended EP here for a taste of what's to come!