Tuesday, 4 November 2014


THE G.D.P.  E.P. Will always have a special place in my heart from now until forever as it was the first ever vinyl I purchased. What a treat it was, not only very aesthetically pleasing with it's luminous yellow pressing but also the high quality songs on there that would please most, if not all, hardcore punk fans,

 I have heard so much about record collecting and stories of how the older punks would travel town to town and to big cities with their giro to go and find the latest punk albums, only to rush home to listen to them, read every inch of text on the cover and insert getting excited about the music as a whole package. Music, art ,lyrics and the vinyl itself.

Thanks to this E.P, I finally had the pleasure of knowing what it felt like to be genuinely excited about buying music once again. Once the needle hit the record, I was hooked. Seeing the bright yellow disc spin and the first track belt out of the speakers,I knew it was for me.

So how does one simplify into words such  a great sound and band? Well Leah Peasant (The Repossessed & Chewed Up) gave it a go. Here is a little quote "When you watch them i'ts like a wall of noise arghhhh!. Epic, with twiddly bits of guitar. Well, not too much. I don't know what am on about!"  I 99% agree with Leah. The stage sound is a barrage of constant distorted guitars and growling from front man James and backing vox/drums Simon. I mean this in the best way possible. I defy you to stand still and not shake a fist or 2 while they dominate the stage/floor! On their E.P I see where Leah is coming from. There are many songs that will get you singing along but not only with the vox but the twiddly notes of the guitar. Simple and effective, How it should be!Solos aren't punk........unless your Gism, then it's proper punk!

Songs that stood out for me the most are;

You really need no more in any song, ever! It's close to perfect. I really can't say I am a fan of any "drinking song" but this, this is much more than a "drinking song". Much much more. An anthem of a life well balanced and great life with a beautiful home with family and friends and of course WHISKEY!!!!

Great intro! Even better chorus N-N-N-N NERVOUS! Brilliant ending ERGH!  job done. A song for the socially inept!

Obviously the great anthem for the evolutionist. Lyrics such as "I'm a chimp, I'm a chimp. Evolution is my pimp"with gang vocals over classic hardcore punk riffs is a clear winner to me to get ya going in ya living room mosh pit.

All of this make the G.D.P.  E.P. the best E.P. I have heard. Not only this year, but for a very long time. I have heard some crackers this year let me tell you but this one really stands out of the crowd for me. Go go buy it, illegally download it, steal it do whatever you have to do to get your hands on the E.P. Sorry Domestics, It's too good to keep to yourself!

Go and give them a listen or contact them here:

Miff Peasant

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