Thursday, 18 December 2014


Massive thanks to Terry foster for this very kind review! We
hope chewed up can smash out a gig in Liverpool soon!

Chewed up are an anti-fascist ska core band from Sheffield and in my opinion a band to check out and catch live. They have been described as sheffields answer to choking victim and that isn’t a bad place to start describing them. Musically you get a solid mix of ska with a more hardcore punk feel which is combined with the twin vocals of Lee and Miff and very political lyrics.

Chewed up
The ep starts with a very dub style intro before going straight into the fast punk overlayed with Miffs shouting.
Twisted morality
Right after Chewed up this song starts, and sets the pace of the EP, besides the sick mix of ska and punk you also get to hear the unique twin vocals of Miff and Lee that is definitely one of the stand out features of this band
Think for yourself
One of my favorite songs Ive heard this year, this is a good song to really see what chewed up are about. From the twin vocals, the guitar lines, and Leah’s drumming you can see why this band is one to watch. Lyrically the song is about thinking for yourself as title suggests and not letting others force their view on you
No permission
Next up is No Permission, nice simple guitar solo at start with the subtle blend of punk and ska. This is one of the most chilled songs on the EP both in terms of music and vocals. This one is about the cops and the way they are treating people
Fast punk song! Not really much else to say on this one, short and sweet with the dual screaming vocals that makes this band so sick
No sympathy
A proper good mix of simple punk riffs mixed with some ska that just makes you wanna dance. Lyrically this is exactly the type of songs that shows what Chewed up are about, all about how fascists and Nazis are not welcome on our streets and what we do to stop their hate being spread, also contains a nice nod to ZSK. ALERTA, ALERTA, ANTIFACISTA
True ‘Til boycott
Mellow intro, cool guitar line, sing along chorus...could you ask for a better final song to a sick EP??

For fans of: Choking Victim, Morning Glory, Antimaniax and Capdown

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