Thursday, 16 July 2015

A few reviews for the chewed up casual nausea split.


2. CHEWED UP/CASUAL NAUSEA - Self released Split CD EP

Now this is a bit special. Already know Casual Nausea stuff fairly well, but Chewed Up are new to me. It almost goes without saying that this is a match made in heaven, (If you like fast,loud,thrashy punk). It is a fantastic EP and I am pretty blown away by both bands. CHEWED UP are on right now and I am really craving to see them live, cos they sound so good in the studio. CASUAL NAUSEA follow up the second half of the EP and it is just as strong, just as engaging as the first half. As well as the music being totally kick-ass, the cover and insert are really well designed too, with lyrics and lots of info. Quality all round, two fine examples of what proper contemporary punk sounds like.

Many thanks to Neil Duncan & Issue Punk Zine.

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